Yes,I always start my reflections this way ” this is the first week, second week,third week …” This time I don’t want to say that but this is the last week and last reflection to this course:(

I remember the first our to this course and still remember our sayings “hocam çok zor, hiç vakit yok,bunlar çok fazla ….” but we did all of them.14 weeks pass and now I write my last reflection…At the beginning of the term I thought that this course was an unnecessary for the last year students but now I say that “iyi ki…” I learned many useful things thanks to this couse especially you,my mentor,Thank you for patience, thank you for your labor and thank you for your understanding.I loved the course very much and also enjoyed it,too.

I will use the new things that you teach to us in during the term and I will direct all my students to use all these programs.I will always say my students your name and every time I will thank you for your teaching.

.Thank you for everything Sedat Hocam…

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Weebly. This is site that you prepare your own web site for free.It is very nice and there is not many of them to provide a free web site to the users.

We will prepare our final work from there and I believe that it will be enjoyable.Is is very easy to use and you can do everything easily. It is just a puzzle so you should do the right steps and gain the play.Now you have a wonderful web site.Just fun it:)

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It was the first time that I heard the wiziq. At the beginning of the lesson I thought that it was a unnecessary tool but during the course my thouhgts were totally changed. Wiziq was an effective tool for teachers and students. In todays we use technology in all areas so we can use it in our classes. It was like a magical thing all things in this tool were like a real life teaching aids.Using board freely or chatting, discussing the things with your friends and a lot of things. If I have a chance to have a technological class in my lessons I will definetely use it:)

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Digital Storytelling

Today, we spoke about the digital story telling,but I have known this for 2 or 3 years.I think it is an enjoyable program but it requires a lot of study.I had a project for this topic last years.I did it but I had a lot of difficulty with it.I did not suit the pictures with the sound but finally I did it.When I finished it I listened&watched my work and I was very happy because I did my first product:)

This program can be used for all levels of students and I think it may be an interesting activity for students who bored the classical activities in the books.We can use it our reading or listening courses and I think it will come students very intersting and I am sure they will enjoy the courses very much.

We can also use this program in the graduation ceremonies,birthdays, etc.We can prepare an authentic work with photos and music.Actually, there are many sides where we can use it so we should use all of these effective programs:))) 



They are all social networks and we can do a lot of things with these.We can contact our friends,we can share photographs,videos and so on…These are the advantages to our private life.

We can also use these programs in our educatıion life,too.But how can it be?I think there are a lot of answer for this question. Firstly,we can create a group for each class and can share informations,announcements,exam dates or we can direct our students to communicate hear with their friends by this way both writing and speaking skills can improve.

I am new with the twitter.I did not have an account for twitter but now I have.To be honest I think there is no need for twitter but because of the necessity of the course I have it.I start to explore in and I think I’ll enjoy it.I have no idea about how we can use twitter for education  but I think that the twitter is nearly the same as facebook:)

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Week 7,the half of the term,was covered last week.This week we learned “nicenet&dokeos.”These programs are effective programs actually,but I think that it can be difficult to practice for the lower levels.They can not use this program effectively.But for the bigger groups it can bu used but in our country still difficult to create an online classroom environment.I hpoe in the future we reach the technology in every where so it will be more easy to use these benefical programs…




It is an excellent program I’ve ever seen.We can organize everything that we want to do so it sounds come very well:).It is easy to use,too.I love it.It has different shapes so it becomes interesting to people.It a good option to people who bored using power point program.It s very enjoyable so when we use it in the classrooms students love it,too and the motivation can increase.We can flies from location to location on the canvas,sometimes turning elements upside down,sometimes zooming in or out to explore there relationship between ideas.Again and again it is very enjoyable:)))))

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Nowadays, mobile phones have become indispensable to us.Our needs to mobiles are constantly increasing anywhere and anytime.The reason for this is that it offers us many advantages of mobile phones.There is nothing you can not do if the mobiles have adequate facilities.Mobile phones are evolving everyday in order to facilitates our lives.

To sum up,if we have such a technology today,we should use it and also we should direct people to use them…

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This is the 4th week. I started to enjoy the course day by day.This week we learned new things such as online communities, yahoo gruops and webheads.Some of these items were new to me but thanks to the our mentor I learned what they were.

This week we did not use our computers.I think this course was more effective than the others because it is really difficult to follow and listen to the instructor at the same time.We paid attention to practice new things so we did not catch what the mentor said.

The next week the topic is mobile learning.I really wonder this topic because we use our mobile phones every secod.Most of us use smart phones but we dont benefit its facilities strictly.I believe that after this week we will start to use them effectively.

see you next week my dear blog page:)))))

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google docs,wikis and pb works…

This is the third week’s posts.This week was the most ineffecient course I had taken for 3 weeks because of the crowded and the bad connection.The mentor gave every detailed information about the google docs,wikis and pb works but I did not work to me.I listened to the mentor carefully but I coudn’t catch the points many times.

I think practice is very important especially the new tihings that was learned.If I had a chance to practice these new things they would be more permanent.I believe that our mentor will solve this problem as soos as possible:)All of these negative things I was very happy to learned new informations.Google docs is very effective because it allows us to create documents so we can accumulate informations in this documents.They are very useful things not only for us but also our students.We can use these things in many area of our life.

This course will be more enjoyable when we learn new things.I am looking forward to the future lessons…